Welcome at Synmind

Synmind – “Synergy of minds” - is a unique method to acquire insight into individual opinions by utilizing the Internet, or your organization’s Intranet.

Synmind enhances productivity and quality of problem solving and group decision making.


Valuable time will be gained because the progress of discussions depends less on synchronizing agendas and traveling. Moreover, the use of Synmind will reduce the number of physical meetings required and substantial costs will be saved.

Managers will have more insight in the opinions and arguments of individual group members, making it easier to utilize their views and capabilities when making and implementing decisions.

It will be easier to review decisions because the underlying ideas, assessments, arguments and comments are transparently visualized.

With Synmind opinions will have a better chance to survive by the quality of arguments. Verbal capabilities, social position or psychological factors will become less dominant. Valuable minority opinions, that would otherwise have been lost, will be saved.

Synmind will dramatically improve communication about complex issues because Synmind sessions produce clear pictures of group opinions as well as the underlying individual opinions and arguments.

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