The Synmind Method

Basic Synmind sessions include the following steps:

1. A customer proposes the subject and goals for a Synmind discussion.

2. After a thorough and systematic analysis of the subject and goals in question, one of our moderators formulates effective statements in close collaboration with the customer. For specific areas (for example knowledge management) statements may also be selected from Synmind ’s content base.

3. Using Internet or Intranet, invited stakeholders or experts enter opinions and argumentation with reference to the statements. The opinions are displayed in “Synmind graphs”, allowing participants to view differences and similarities at a glance. Opinions may be changed and each participant may respond to arguments.

4. After a limited period, say two to three weeks, the session closes. An in-depth analysis of the opinions and arguments follows. This analysis can be done very quickly due to the goal directed organization of statements and the “Synmind graphs”. A very clear final report, including conclusions as well as the individual opinions and arguments, offers an unmatched basis for high quality decision making and communication.

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