Synmind Projects

Below you’ll find a selection of typical Synmind projects. All projects demonstrated one or more advantages of Synmind, as described on the home page.

International Strategic Meeting

64 managers of Athlon International participated in an international Synmind session concerning  Athlon’s strategy with respect  to new developments in the automotive industry. The session was used to prepare  Athlon’s annual  international management meeting in the US.

International consultation development aid

 Synmind was used for an Internationale consultation concerning development aid, involving participants from 16 countries.  The central themes were  capacity development and related assessment methods.

International online Technology Assessment

An international group of 26 experts used Synmind to discuss longterm social, economic and environmental impacts of innovations in the area's Food, Mobility and Building. The outcome was used to prepare an international conference organized by the Dutch Government Council for the Environment and Infrastructure.

Online Public Hearing

The municipality of Landgraaf in The Netherlands used Synmind for an online public hearing  concerning the renovation of its central square. Issues included public safety, traffic, shopping, catering and recreation  facilities and city view.  The results of the Synmind session, involving 104 participants,  were reflected in the realized adaptations of the square.  

Merger of hospitals

36 neurologists and internal clinicians discussed the possible impact of the future merger of the Mesos and Antonius hospitals.

Definition study for a new hospital

27 representatives from the medical staff and management discussed visions, mission and functional requirements related to a new establishment of the St. Maartens clinic in Woerden

Repurposing of the former airbase Twente

21 representatives, representing various stakeholder groups, discussed critical issues related to the repurposing of an airbase such as: the (relative) importance of different needs and possible destinations (such as agriculture, natural park, building, commercial air services).

Impact of new European regulation

14 staff members from different departments of Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management in the Netherlands discussed the impact of new European regulation related to the quality of seawater.



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