Synmind Recommendations

Inge Luttikhuizen, gemeente Den Haag, projectmanager Centrum voor Ouderen Haagse Hout

“From now on CMT (casemanagementteam) Haagse Hout is going to improve the way we work. We’ll have less meetings: three hours a month instead of eight. And that will work out well, now that we’re past the stage of setting up the team and its proceedings. Synmind is saving us a lot of time: online discussion of cases frees up time during meetings, which we use for discussing current issues.”

Jolanda Maas, head communications (national) Social Economic Council (SER)

Expert consensus
“SER engaged Synmind in bringing about the “Agreement on (the use of) Energy”. Using Synmind one gets an idea of the way parties differ or agree on certain issues in very little time. Our intervention gave us a useful insight in which issues of the Agreement were going to be promising, and which were not. Rare moments of contact were put to use in a very efficient way and the whole process took surprisingly little time.”

Martin Favié, president BD Rabobank Hoorn Midden West Friesland.

Auto-assessment Board of non-executive Directors 
“Synmind is most and foreall an efficiency tool: it is very convenient to assemble opinions without a physical meeting. But it allows you to take the job you’re working on to another level. Because you’re able to ponder on questions asked and because you can reflect on what others put foreward. This really works out well on issues that people don’t agree on. It enables a thorough and well documented discussion.”

Hans Blom, communications director, Province of Noord-Holland

Assessment of Communications Department 
“Synmind is the unique combination of expertise on content and a digital tool.”

Teus van Barneveld, Order of Consultant Physicians, Head of Department of Development & Quality

Medical guideline development; prioritization of research proposals 
“Synmind offers an easy and excellent way to consult experts and stakeholders on various issues. With Synmind we can enable everyone to contribute his knowledge and experience. This gives us new insights, we can speed up the process and we’re able to construct consensus.”

Marleen Wiegerinck, senior policy advisor Dutch Association of Gynaecologists

Preparation of strategy conference 
“This Synmind session gave us a good idea of opinions on different issues. In the end we had a physical meeting, in which we were able to just concentrate on the issues on which views differed extremely. This makes the process a very efficient one. You don’t need to discuss things that everyone agrees upon, you can immediately proceed to the heart of the matter.”

Andre Wolff, president Dutch Association of Anesthesiologists

Development of Therapeutical Guideline 
“The added value of this method is that during the process you’re growing support for the discussion’s outcome. Participants may give their opinion undisturbed and if necessary the might confer with their colleagues before sending out a reaction.”

Guus Vaassen, CEO Medworq

Merger of medical partnerships; therapeutical protocol development 
“Synmind is an excellent medium to get experts involved without the trouble and hassle of travel to one central place. Using Synmind is a good way to keep bias out of opinions and to extricate decisions out of a swampy decision process.”

Yvonne van Gilse, director National Support Centre of Clients’ Councils

Grassroots consultation Draft Law on Client’s Councils 
“Participants of the online discussion were able to interact on ten statements concerning relevant articles of the draft. The commitment of clients partaking in the discussion showed us that this way of consulting our grassroots satisfies certain requirements.”

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