Change management
Synmind can be used to support large scale changes requiring a large number of stakeholders and experts from a variety of disciplines. Bear in mind new market development, mergers, business re-engineering, product or process innovation.

Assessment and selection
Synmind enhances the assessment and selection of ideas and proposals for product development and process improvement. In addition the Synmind method benefits the assessment of employees, projects, teams, departments, suppliers, research proposals, presentations or publications.

Scans or audits
With Synmind you will be able to involve much more employees in rapid evaluations of specific situations within your organization. Bear in mind scans or audits focused on areas such as quality assurance, knowledge management, health, safety or sustainability.

Synmind contributes to the quality and speed of large scale studies involving extensive multi-disciplinary teams of experts and large numbers of stakeholders. Examples are definition studies for new products, construction sites or ICT projects, but also socio-economic or environmental studies, strategic market analyses or scenario modelling.

Public discussions
Synmind can be used to enhance public discussions concerning, for instance, political, social or cultural subjects. “Synmind Public Forum” enables a larger public to respond to Synmind discussions between invited experts about specific statements.

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